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Problème avec serveur de licence bartender 2019


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    Xabier Clemente

    Bonjour Thierry,

    Veuillez nous excuser, nous ne sommes actuellement pas en mesure d'offrir un support technique en français mais nous pouvons néanmoins vous le proposer en anglais. N'hésitez pas à utiliser un dictionnaire en ligne si nécessaire - https://translate.google.fr/

    It would seem that BarTender cannot contact the licensing server or the number of printers on the license is exceeded. 

    • BarTender cannot connect to the licensing server - BarTender enters a 3-day grace period where printing can continue until the connection to the license server can be re-established. This way if there is an internet outage or an issue with the local network you can still keep printing.

    • BarTender prints to more printers than is on the license - BarTender enters a grace period where additional printers can be used until the old printers fall off the license. This is for when a printer that is not used with BarTender is accidentally printed to or a printer breaks and is replaced.

    Since we would need screenshots of the license that is having the issue to do further troubleshooting and this is an open forum, as well as it's serial number; we would recommend your client reach us directly via our Get Support page.

    In order to access support, go to our Get Support page and enter your Support Number, this will automatically check your support status and provide you with links to your available lines of support. Also, please be sure to have your BarTender Support Number with you ready when you reach us as our technicians will have to check on your license and see what the status is from our side.

    Thank you.


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