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Christopher Brand


I'm trying to connect to the bartender system database with a specific user using the command line.  I've got a domain account setup for the system database for the workstations to connect with. The wizard won't let you specify a different windows authentication user other than what you are currently logged in as.

"C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\SystemDatabaseWizard.exe" /Silent /Log=C:\BT_DB.log /Type=Connect /Server=DBSERVER /Authentication=Windows /UserName=DOMAIN\BartenderService /Password=password123 /Database=BartenderSystemDB

I was thinking that this exact command line worked before on 2016 R3, but on R4 it does not connect.

this is what is logged in the log file:

[07/26/17,02:56:56] Connecting to BarTender System Service...
[07/26/17,02:56:56] Connecting to cbrand-vm-w7x64...
[07/26/17,02:56:56] Successfully connected to BarTender System Service on cbrand-vm-w7x64.
[07/26/17,02:56:56] A connection string has not been specified. Using default.
[07/26/17,02:56:56] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[07/26/17,02:56:56] Please specify the server instance name.
[07/26/17,02:56:56] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[07/26/17,02:56:56] BarTender System Service client is disconnected.

It's almost like its not taking the options to connect to the database and is trying to connect locally which doesn't exists.

Is there an option I'm missing?


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Jasper Wen
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By design with the System Database connection setup, Windows authentication is going to authenticating based on the user logged into the Windows system. SQL authentication is going to authenticate based on the account created in SQL Server.

From looking at your command you are trying to do Windows authentication but also trying specify user credentials. This is not going to work for the reason mentioned above. You can only specify user credentials for SQL authentication. This also follows how it normally works through the BarTender System Database wizard user interface.

Below are examples of running command line for connecting to an existing BarTender System Database. Just replace the parameter values with the appropriate server name, database name, and credentials for SQL authentication.

You can also find more information about our System Database command line parameters in our BarTender help here.

Using Windows authentication

SystemDatabaseWizard.exe /Silent /Log=C:\log /Type=Connect /Server=SQLServername /Authentication=Windows /Database=BarTender

Using SQL authentication

SystemDatabaseWizard.exe /Silent /Log=C:\log /Type=Connect /Server=SQLServername /Authentication=SQL /UserName=JohnDoe /Password=test /Database=BarTender

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