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I am using barcode string which contains year code + month code + day code+  serial number" ( 1706280001 ). Serial number is defined as global data field. Due to a changing day code I want to reset serial number value. It works fine but sometimes serial code are resetting during a day and  I don't know why. 

Could you give me an advice where could be a problem?

What couses that global data field are resetting? - commander program restart, label edition, local server restart...?

Where global data field is stored ? In a cloud (on seagul server) or on local server?

Thank you

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Shotaro Ito
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Global data field is stored in System Database on SQL Server, which is the same storage as BarTender database logging.

Can be specified in System database setup wizard (From BarTender's tools menu (10.1) or From Administration console(2016))

I don't have a good idea of how unexpected reset was happened, please contact support for further investigation.

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