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Print station is really slow


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Bas,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums.

    When you mention your users complaining that Print Station is slow to start, could you clarify what you mean? Is the application slow to start printing, to open, or in general?

    Also, could you tell us what BarTender version, edition, and service release are you currently using? We would recommend updating BarTender to the latest service release in case you are not using the most up-to-date patch of our software, as these revisions usually do away with bugs and fix software stability issues. You can find the BarTender installers for updating BarTender here.

    Thank you.

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    Bas Otto

    Hello Xabier,

    This is mainly about starting the app, it takes about 30-40 seconds for the app to start.

    After that it works fine, but our users are complaining about the startup time.

    We are using Bartender 2022 11.3/184527 (64-bits), I will try updating and see if it helps.



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