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How to establish the connection to bartender server from On-premise Printers


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Krishna,

    Thank you for reaching us via our BarTender Community Forums.

    As BarTender Technical Services, we specialize in diagnosing issues and solving them. When it comes to consultation, our Professional Services team specializes in consultation and building the best possible solution. Our Professional Services brochure details the services they provide and their contact email. Feel free to contact them for pricing and scheduling.

    What we can do is explain the basic mechanisms required for the BarTender software to function:

    • BarTender can be installed on any Windows machine in compliance with our Supported Windows versions.
    • The computer the license is activated on becomes the license server. Any other computers can use the same license as long as they have network connectivity to the license server on the LAN or by VPN.
    • If a computer can print to a printer by using a Windows test page, then BarTender can also print to that printer. How exactly this is implemented would depend on your specific environment, like the printer hardware, if there is a print server, VPN, remote printing solution,
    • The ideal configuration for printers is either shared via a print server or networked directly.

    Thank you.


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