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    Xabier Clemente


    To answer your first question, BarTender 2022 (as well as BarTender 2021) is currently not supported on Windows 7 machines. You can read more on the topic on the following article:

    Fortunately, our software is backward compatible, which means even if you bought a BarTender 2022 version, you can install and use previous versions of BarTender as well, such as BarTender 2019, which can run on Windows 7 machines.

    Error 2622 is usually related to security settings. These are delicate in nature and would require a complete reinstall. However, I believe our technical experts should be able to help you solve this issue without the need to reinstall BarTender. If you have a Maintenance and Support contract active with us, I would recommend dropping us an email, chatting with us, or giving us a call. You can find all the options available to you on the Get Help support webpage.

    On the other hand, error 3324 occurs because the label document you are trying to open has a version that is higher than the current Bartender version installed on your computer (e.g., attempting to open a label document created from BarTender 2021 with BarTender 2019). You can learn more about this error and how to fix it in the document below:

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do you for!


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