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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

    Starting with BarTender 2019 and after, all our BarTender versions need to have the full suite installed in order to operate. We are sorry to hear you would want to only install BarTender Designer to save up your machine's resources; however, please do keep in mind BarTender 2016 is a very different animal from BarTender 2022. We've not only made an installer change but also significant changes in how the software operates, and currently BarTender Designer is dependent on other companion applications in order to function.

    Below you will find our current options for advanced installations available for BarTender 2022:
    (The Advanced Installations Options dialog will allow you to change the type of installation and features that will be installed.)

    • BarTender - This option will install the entire BarTender Suite of applications except for Print Portal.
    • BarTender with Print Portal - This option will install the entire Bartender Suite of applications including Print Portal for web-based printing. You can find more information about Print Portal here.
    • Licensing Service and Administration Console Only - This option will only install the BarTender Licensing Service and Administration Console. This is useful if you want to install and host the server side of your BarTender License on a centralized system.
    • Add Microsoft SQL Server Express - If checked, this option will install SQL Server Server 2014 Express which is required for using the BarTender System Database, Librarian, History Explorer, and Reprint Console. If you are using your own Microsoft SQL Server instance or not using these features, you can choose to uncheck this option and skip the Microsoft SQL Server Express installation. Note, this option will be grayed out if the BarTender installer detects that Microsoft SQL Server is installed and a BarTender instance has been created.

    That being said, we do appreciate your feedback on this matter and we will make note of it for future changes to our software.

    Thank you.

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    Andrew Oliner

    Hi Xabier,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I am aware of the current install options.

    Since we were originally able to use just the main Bartender Designer program, I still think that a lightweight install option would be useful to me and probably to a lot of other people. Maybe Designer can't be used as a completely standalone program the way it used to, but I am sure that there is stuff in this massive install that is not needed for basic label printing functionality. 


    Andrew Oliner


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