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2-Sided template with excel database connection keeps doubling records.


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    Peter Thane

    You have ticked the box to have separate designs for front and back.

    I believe you just have need one template but will have to configure duplex/double sided printing in your printer settings to achieve this 

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    Jeff Keller

    Hi Peter,

    My initial setup was like that, but won't work. I need the second template to shift the 'GROUP' box to the TOP of the BACK page and margin to the bottom.

    Imagine the page is in a clipboard and you flip the page up to scan the barcodes on the back. Without the second template, the layout will be off. So I need to figure out why the second template starts from 1, and not continue from the first template.

    Btw.. I have the latest build. 11.3/197999 (64-bit)
    If you would like to see the files, here there are!


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