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print router URL is not available


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Lyndon,

    Thank you for reaching us with your query.

    We would suggest verifying the settings in the BarTender Print Portal Server (pictured on the left) and the Mobile App (pictured on the right).

    • On the Print Portal server, go to Administrative Options > Client Printing
    • Enable Client Printing and specify in the Print Router URL the exact format in the picture, but with the IP address of your Print Portal Server instead of the one pictured:


    • Enter the BarTender URL (ex: as the Print Service URL in the app
    • Enter the Print Router URL (ex: as the Print Router URL in the app
    • If the device and server are on the same network, and HTTP protocol and ports 80 and 5950 are not blocked by the firewall, then this will work

    Let us know how this test goes.

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    Lyndon Whyatt

    working now thankyou


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