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Print Station Serial Number - 1 of eachy


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    Peter Thane

    If you selected the button to the right of the Copies per serial number button you could then adjust where this value comes from.

    To make it a fixed value click on Get Quantity form Data Source and if you then click on the Data Source on the right hand side you will see by default the value is 1 automatically.


    FYI You can also use this method to link this value to come from a different field or source such as a database for example. 

    When configuring labels, I often use a Data Entry Form and add a number or text object for the number of labels (serialised and/or copies, where appropriate) to this and then Link this to the Copies or Serial Number values which in turn automatically connects back to the buttons shown in the image above. With the Immediately Print option enabled this stops the users seeing/getting access to the Print screen and so they cannot adjust anything from there. 



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