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Bar Tender 2022 - Evaluation


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums!

    Could you share the link URL you found? If it's a link to somewhere in our Knowledge Base, perhaps we can dig it up to see if it has valuable information. 

    Regarding your issue, if you'd like to completely automate the process, we have a Professional Services team who, in exchange for a quote, can assist you with creating a VB script that could automate the process and set your BarTender environment just the way you'd like it.

    Thank you.

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    Peter Thane

    Hi Mick,

    For your Database Filter make sure this is ticked and also that your scanner sends a Carriage Return after the data too (scan into Notepad to see if each new data appears on separate lines when you scan it):


    On the File>Print screen and Selected Records set this to All rather than Selected or Selected at Print Time and see what that does.



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