RFID encoding, not encoding Folgen

Barry Cannon

I can't seem to get any encoding onto a label/tag. I have certified tags and I create new label, I then add an RFID Encoder and select ISO15693. I then add "User Data" with type "Hex". In the data source I chose the data type Text and enter the HEX value for the encoding. When I print he label is blank.

I have also tried adding another 2 Encoders, one for AFI and one for DSFID (as I need these both on the tag). However, even with value HEX there (07 and 06 respectivily) nothing gets encoded on the tag.

I am using a Sato CL4NX and it works correctly as I can encode using other labelling software.

Any suggestions? is there a tick box somewhere I am missing to encode these values?

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