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Looking for best way to upgrade OS on license server


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    Peter Thane

    It sounds you are running either the Automation or Enterprise edition.

    If I build a new 2016 server and install the license software, can I still activate it?  

    You would need to deactivate the licence on the old server and you could then activate it on the new server. NB the client PCs will continue to print for 72 hours if they cannot detect the licence and so this may give you enough time to perform the upgrade without effecting print operations.

    Does each client need to be touched to point to the new license server name?  Do I need to call support to activate the new server if I have the info from the console of the old server?

    This depends on your network and on how your system is configured at present. By default each BarTender client will be set to "Automatically find..." the licence and in most instances this works and so this could mean any PC setup in this way should hopefully find the new licence location. However in some instances you need to "point" BarTender to the server manually and so you may have to do this for some of your machines. From BarTender 2019 onwards the licencing method changed and so I am now going from memory but I believe this manual option can be found in the Tools>Licencing Setup menu option in BarTender.

    If I in-place upgrade the server from 2012r2 to 2016, I would think the software will just continue to work, correct?  We would of course make a snapshot of the server beforehand.

    Yes it should do I would expect as the IP details/server name will still be the same and so any manually linked client installations will still have these details.


    Are you aware that BarTender 10.1 is also now out of support? Whilst performing the server upgrade you could perhaps take the opportunity to upgrade your BarTender too but you would need to speak to a local BarTender reseller for this or if you are not sure who to use the regional Seagull Sales team should be able to put you in touch with one.


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