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Error #3200 & Excel interface


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    Peter Thane

    Do the codes in the column change from all numeric to those including alpha characters? 

    I have seen this before with Excel and the ODBC driver which only looks at the first few rows and if they are all numeric it seems to assume all the other rows follow the same pattern and so when one is located that is different the data you see in BarTender is blank. If this is the issue add a new record at the start of the spreadsheet and just make the data in all the fields have alpha characters (I often just use the word Dummy for every field) and that should get round this. 

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    Annette Hemmings

    Hi Peter Thane

    Thanks for the feedback. Historically we have printed labels using the same Excel spreadsheet with first column containing alpha and alphanumeric data - no problems. The format of the column is set to 'General'.

    I've managed to find a workaround in the interim by copying a different label that talks to the same spreadsheet (and working) but then adding the additional label symbols etc. :) 

    Not ideal though as I still don't understand the root cause for the error in first place and likely to happen again. We are upgrading to latest version though so hoping to have some training/support on this rather than current version which I've inherited...

    If you know of anything else that might be worth a try please do let me know.

    Thanks again, Annette.


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