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How to print the newly added data from Google Sheet?


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    Peter Thane

    Not a Google sheet but with a different database and these settings worked for me:

    In the Label on the File>Print screen set the Selected Records to All and leave the queried records as 1.....

    In the Database Connection setup choose the Sort Order tab and select the field that contains the incrementing number and set this to decrease in value (so the latest reord will be the first record according to the label. 

    Save and Close the label.

    In Integration Builder:

     > For Each Database Record, give the Field Variable Name a prefix (i used db)


    > Print Document

     > Document > Select/browse to the label format and reimport the Document Settings after making the label changes above

     > Print Options > Change the Record Range to 1 (from 1......) 

     > Named Data Sources > click the use tick box and in the first line of the new box click in the Name column and select the Insert Variable above and from the Actions clcik on the database field that contains the incrementing value (mine is called TheNumber in the example below). Next click in the Value field and again from the Insert Variable and Action select the Current Record so the box should look like this:


    Save the Integration and give it a test and hopefully it should now work okay.







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