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How can I print two labels per one job?


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    Joe Kamlet


    What edition of Bartender do you have?

    If you are using the Automation or Enterprise edition (2019 or later) then you should have access to the Process Builder application. This application has the tools to allow you to print multiple documents and and share data between them. Seagull also has this page that goes over how to link these documents together: https://support.seagullscientific.com/hc/en-us/articles/9905654141463-How-to-Reuse-Input-Data-When-Printing-Multiple-BarTender-Documents-With-Process-Builder


    As a few heads up about process builder:

    • Certain versions (at least R5 in 2022) have an issue involving the integration services. Updating your bartender to the most recent version (R7 at the time of writing) fixes this issue.
    • The "Test Action" on the Test page is only for individual actions or action groups. If you want to try printing both at once, press the less eye-catching Start button on the left. 

    In my process, I have a query to filter a part number from the data base, and I use that part number to filter both labels in the process.

    At least in R7, I didn't find a clean way to transfer the query prompt value from one file to the next. I believe R5 had a check box to carry over the query prompt value directly, but this box has disappeared. You can transfer named data sources (as long as the type is embedded data). I couldn't find a way to directly link the query prompt value to a named data source either, so my basic solution was to add a line in one of my VB Scripts to write the database value as a named data source. This line was just:

    Format.NamedSubStrings("[Named Data Source]").Value = Field("Database.Table.FieldName")


    Additionally, I also want the option to manually select the number of copies to be printed (in case we needed more than 1). I didn't find any Actions in the in Process Builder lists that directly let me edit this value for all files, so I included a Named Data Source on the form of my first label. This value controlled the number of copies on the first label, and on the second label I referenced this data source on the Print Options tab. 


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