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Error 3420: Current user has no permission to use the license - NO User Access Control


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Giulia,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums.

    Not being able to modify these permissions could be due to a series of reasons. Perhaps the user you are trying to modify these rules with is lacking system administration permissions; make sure your user has the neccesary administrative rights in the Security tab of the Administration Console, or use the primary user you installed BarTender with.

    We would recommend reviewing the following article on the subject:

    Overview of Security in BarTender

    Also, you might have to Enable Security for your PC on the security tab:

    That being said, is BarTender installed in other machines? If so, could you try this process in the first PC BarTender was installed on? Depending on your setup and configuation, this might do the trick.

    Let us know if this works!

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    Giulia Patucca

    Hi XABIER, 

    first thanks for your answer. 

    I put the flag in the Enable Security for your PC tab, but i saw that in reality the access control rule are already for everyone.


    Yes Bartender is installed in other machine and all works correctly. Also from my pc. I tried to print from other pc and works. Seems user issue. 

    What do you think if i remove the program from this user and then install it again?




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