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Looking for assistance with Basic Seagull driver use


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    John Nickell

    We are still seeing this for users who attempt to install from the print server itself.  IF we install the print driver/printer locally using the Seagull Driver wizard and then have the user re-add the printer from the print server the issue seems to resolve and the warning messages aren't getting logged on the end user's computer. We can remove the locally installed version of the printer and the print server version of the printer continues to function as desired.

    I don't see a "TCP" port 5130 listening on the print-server so this might explain why it's having such a difficulty, but I'm not sure it explains why doing a local install of the driver seems to resolve the issue.

    Still looking for ideas and help if anyone has anything. 

    Seems very similar to this older post:
    https://support.seagullscientific.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4411285563799-Slow-printing-with-Event-ID-error-512, but none of those listed updates are installed on the server. I believe because the installed build of 2019 on my print server is 17763.5122.


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