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Vertical Alignment of Dataabase fields in QR Code


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    Peter Thane

    If you are using a GS1-QR code then there is an automatic option available to do this on the Human Readable tab of the barcode:

    However as you are using a standard QR code then this option is not there. That means you will need to use one of two different options for this, either Character Template and add in line breaks at certain times or else turn off the Human Readable all together and share/add the data in a paragraph or multiple single line text fields to the side of the code.

    The character template could look like this although I have added mine to text object rather than the Human Readable:

    With the Human Readable turned off (although I have left it on so you can see it in the image below) I added the three text objects first and made them Named Data Sources so I could reference them more easily in the QR Code. For the date in the QR I made this an Object Value field linked to the date text object so I could have the text date appear with the slashes whilst just the numerals appear in the QR:









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