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Want to discuss updating Bartender version from 2022 R5 to 2022 R7 or R8?


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    Roberto Tavella

    I have already had the 'pleasure' of having upgraded from R5 to R7.
    With the R7 we encountered problems, some already present in previous versions, which they now say have been resolved in the R8

    It has never been necessary to reconfigure the licence or the licence, however a backup before the update is always recommended

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    Andrew Bright

    All you should need to do is uninstall the old version first, then reinstall the new.

    Before uninstalling, check to see if any of the BarTender services have been setup to login using an administrator level account - for example:

    Make a note of any that have been configured this way and make sure you know what the username and password is.  You'll need to reconfigure these services after the new version has been installed.

    When you perform the uninstall you will be asked if you intend to remove it permanently or install it again later.  You choose "install again later" option to keep all your existing configuration, integrations, etc intact.

    After the uninstall is complete, I recommend a reboot before installing the new version - then again after the new version has been installed.

    Several services are configured to have a delayed start.  You should wait 5-10 minutes after rebooting before you try to run any BarTender applications, such as the Administrator Console.

    As previously mentioned - backup any data folders and do a database backup before performing the update.  There are instructions on how to do that in this site, but for the database, the tool to use to run the backup can be found in the Administrator Console app.


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