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Number Automation


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    Hello Jessica,


    Can you explain better what do you need exactly? When you say A 1-4 What does it mean exactly? is A the name of the label template? and what does 1-4 mean? Is the number of copies, is a serial number, ...? Perhaps do you mean that the number of copies is variable from 1 to 4? If yes, how do you want to select exactly the number of copies?


    Please, let me understand better your question.


    Many thanks

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    Legacy Poster

    Hello Bartender - I want to try to clarify Jessica's post.     We have a set of label templates in BatchMaker.   Each of these labels have a barcode number and a specimen type that can vary.    These parts of the labels are set up with database connections to an Excel workbook.    So lets say we a set of three labels in a batch.   I want to print the first label template once referring to one row in the Excel workbook sheet, print the second label template 4 times referring to 4 rows in the same Excel workbook but a different sheet and then the third label template 8 times from the same workbook, different sheet.


    Right now, we are manually pointing (highlighting) the rows we want to print per batch.  How can we tell BarTender/BatchMaker to do this above process 25 times without having to manual point to the data in the Excel workbook?   


    I have been doing some research and I see that there are query prompts.  Will these help?   I am not finding a lot of examples of these on your website. What about setting up some scripts?  Thanks for your advice.    Barb

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    Domingo Rodriguez

    If for the same BarTender document, the record range will change from print job to print job, Batch Maker won't be the ideal solution as you would indeed need to either select the new record range at print time or enter a query prompt value.


    For these cases it will be better to Automate BarTender via either Commander or a .NET SDK application. If Commander is chosen, you could write a BTXML-Script file with multiple print job requests in it. The record range can be defined via the <RecordRange> tab as shown below:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <XMLScript Version="2.0" Name="09232006_103601_Job1" ID="123">

          <Command Name="Job1">










    Using Commander with BT-XML Script would require you to own an Enterprise Automation Edition of BarTender.


    Commander: http://www.seagullscientific.com/label-software/whitepapers/overview-of-commander-new-201406.pdf

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    nikhil jain

    when we print from bartender professional 1 is printed as 1.0 how can we remove decimal. only number 1 should come not 1.0


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