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I have a problem to print product labels for each production automatically on the moment an procution order is send to the printer.


The goal that I want to achieve:


1 - When a production order will be printed in our ERP system create an btbat (extension for Batch Maker) file
2 - Save this btbat file on the hard disk
3 - Execute this btbat file

4 - Batch Maker will print a BarTender labels for the printed production order

5 - Delete btbat file after printing


I have managed to create step 1 and 2.

For each new job (production order) a btbat file will be created in the folder :

"c:/Batch Maker/btbat files" :
- "ID-1.btbat"
- "ID-2.btbat"

- "ID-3.btbat"


A btbat file contains the following information:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<XMLScript Version="2.0">

   <Format CloseAtEndOfJon="true" SaveAtEndOfJob="false">*Location of label*</Format>
   <QueryPrompt Name="ItemCode"><Value>*ItemCode*</Value></QueryPrompt>
   <QueryPrompt Name="NumberOfLabels"><Value>10</Value></QueryPrompt>




Now I have to click manually on a btfile to print it and this is working fine but I prefer to do this automatically :).


My question:

- Is it possible to create an vbscript to execute this btfile file? I can excute this file after I have saved this on the hard disk.
- Or is there an easier way to achieve my goal?

I hope you guys could help me with this topic.


Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

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