Database Dropdown List With Search Option Or Type To Select Folgen

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I did all my research and online chat with tech support and it seems I have made a bad investment purchasing Bartender.


Cannot easily create a dropdown list that will pick data to populate other fields from a database source without additional VB script, even if it can be done.


The past software we used (and we are going back to) can easily produce this result without additional conditions or script.


So long Seagul and thanks for nothing. Labelview rocks!!


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Don't go about throwing away Bar Tender away, Keep it and keep on using it,


Bar Tender is far more advanced piece of software and has a lot of features that

others lack,

I agree with you that Labelview has some features not available in Bar Tender


But then again, there are a lot of features that Bar Tender has that lableview doesn't have


I hope you give Bar Tender a fair try and hopefully you will not regret you purchase.


Best Regards.

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