Logo On Label Not Crisp When Printing With Commander Folgen

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I have some problems with the quality of the company logo on the labels only when i print thru commander.

here is my setup.


Bartender 10.1 SR4 automation installed and running on a windows server 2012 x64


using 6 zebra printers GK420t from a print server installed on the windows server.


I have my own application to create trigger files, printing works just fine. all the data is included and prints properly, except the quality of the company logo. 


if I open the template in Bartender itself the company logo comes out nice and crisp, but if I sent a trigger file (calling the same template) the logo comes out really bad. no straight edges/borders, instead wavy lines and looks like the dithering is not correct. i tried multiple changes and combinations on the printer driver as well as on the bartender document.


the printer driver I am using is not the original from zebra it is the one from seagull (Zebra ZPL-II Driver ; version 7.3.8 ; Build target x64)


any help would be really appreciated


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Shotaro Ito
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That might be document property was not kept in the document (btw) file.

To keep document property, specify printer explicitly at design time.


Open the BarTender document, specify the zebra printer(not Default printer - specify printer explicitly), then from Document property > Graphics tab > Dithering, set to none.

Overwrite the bartender document then try again.

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