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I am trying to figure out a way to password protect the data that is embedded in a created bar code.


Is possible to link a password to a bar code so that when it is scanned the data cannot be accessed until a password key is entered?


Is it possible to link a bar code to only be scanned and read by a certain scanner and coming up with either no or misinformation when another scanner attempts to scan the bar code?


If either is possible how would I go about creating a bar code like that in bartender?


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Ian Cummings
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I suggest you encrypt the data that you encode into a standard barcode, which then only the reading data capture software knows the secret to decode back into plain text.  When I say encrypt, this doesn't mean it has to use AES-256, it could instead use a cipher of your own making that is sufficient for the level of security you need.  In BarTender you'd use an event based VB script to encrypt the data you encode to the barcode at print time.  Of course the  reading application would need to know how to unscramble the data back into its original format.

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