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We have Enterprise Automation v10.0 SR4 installed on a Test Server. Within BarTender when I print labels I have 5 networked printers installed (refer to attachment under "Printing from BarTender" for a screen shot). In Reprint Console I only have one printer that I can select (refer to attachment under "Printing from Reprint Console" for a screen shot).


Can you tell me why this is please? I have checked both the Control Panel and run the System Information utility that's on the Help menu for Reprint Console and both report the 5 installed printers correctly?



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Ian Cummings
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The Reprint Console uses the BarTender System Service for producing the actual reprinted print job via a controlled BarTender process.  This service runs under a particular user account as specified via the service properties.  If the service runs under a limited account, then it will have limited access to installed printers on the computer.

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