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Print Preview Is Not Available


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    Ian Cummings

    The History Explorer/Reprint Console is able to generate a preview image of a given label by controlling a BarTender process, under the BarTender System service, to load the document, data, and related image files to reproduce a preview image to display in the application window.  If there is a problem with the BarTender System service integrating with a BarTender process, or the print job data wasn't properly or fully logged, then there will be problems generating the preview.


    Note that one option is to log a image of each label printed so that such preview images can simply be displayed rather than generated when needed.  However, that does result in a substantial increase of disk space used by the BarTender System Database.

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    Legacy Poster

    I have a label that I designed in both landscape and portrait orientation.  it is an RFID tag so I have the 'Show RFID tag' check box selected in both of them.  It is rotated 90 in the portrait version.  it displays in bartender in the landscape (no rotation) label.  It does NOT display in the portrait (rotated) label.


    In the history explorer, the landscape will generate an image,  The portrait label will not generate an image.


    I think the image is related.


    any more information on this would be helpful


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