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As a tech support contact for a reseller, I often find myself talking to customers who are working with versions of BarTender older than the most recent one. Since many menu objects have switched around between versions, I would love to have access to multiple versions of BarTender on my system. However, when I go to install a new one, of course, it automatically overwrites the old BarTender.

Is there a good way to accomplish this? Partitioned drives? USB devices? Or is my only legitimate option to run a number of virtual machines?

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Susan Chen
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Hi,nRyder :

Yes, when you install 9.X version , it will automatically remove 8.X, 9.X earlier versions. Sorry, install multiple Bartender on the same computer is not supported and might cause conflict. As technical support, we make different snapshots for different versions on VMWare images for testing and trouble shooting usage. I will also feedback your concerns as a reseller to our related department. Thanks!

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