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Move And Upgrade License Server


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    Ian Cummings
    Install and activate the new License Server first. The BarTender v9.20 clients can then be directed to the v10.0 license server in order to get their printer licenses. Then in your own time upgrade each of the BarTender client to v10 in order to take advantage of the new features.

    *Note that a v10.0 BarTender will not work with a v9.20 License Server.
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    This is obviously not anything official, but I have been tossing around the same question. We have a Bartender 9.4 environment that we are upgrading to version 10 and need to do so slowly. I installed a test VM with Bartender 10, disabled the existing Seagull License Server 9.4 and then enabled the License server 10. The existing Bartender 9.4 systems automatically find the Version 10 system and are functioning just fine. At this point I am testing before I actually upgrade the production Bartender server. I will update this thread if I have issues in the short term.

    Don Mohlmaster
    IT Support Specialist II
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