Bartender 10 Sr2 - Virus/malware Alert Folgen

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Hi there,

our TrendMicro OfficeScan (v.10.5) detects the [i]Bartender.msi[/i] as a virus, thus the Installer runs in an error, claiming the msi-file is not found (because the AV-Scanner already cleaned it :) ).
I did some testing and extracted the msi-file manually. The suspicious file in the MSI is the [i]"runelevated.exe"[/i]
What does this file exactly do?
I will make a call at TrendMicro. Just wanted to inform, maybe other customers run into this issue too?!

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Ian Cummings
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This has been confirmed as a false positive with TrendMicro. If you update your definitions then you should find the problem has gone away.

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