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Dear All,

Existing we're using Bartender Automation, ver 9.4 with 3-printer license. Due to increase of label printers, we purchase the 10 printer-license add-on for this usage.

We now have the PKC (10 printer-add on) and facing some upgrade problem:
1. Is it we need to deactivate the currently license in SLS 1st and then re-enter the new PKC (10 printer-add on)?
2. Any white paper can share with me how to upgrade before we proceed Q1?

Tien Khim

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Dear Support,

Anyone can help me answer the the above questions. We need the solutions by tomorrow.

Thank you in advance.
Ian Cummings
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1. Deactivate the current license.

2. Activate using the new code.

3. During activation you should be prompted for the old code in order to validate the upgrade.

4. It might be necessary to stop and then start License Server in order for the new printer count to take effect properly.

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