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We use seagull drivers for printer TSC-247. We want to have ability to automatically install printer drivers on windows XP under user rights. Digital signed drivers installed automatically under user rights without problems.

But when i try to install seagull driver 7.3.3 windows xp said that driver have not digital sign and printer auto installation under user rights failed. Same driver on windows 7 works fine.

what can we make in order that the system saw the digital signature?

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Ian Einman
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You can't.  If your system is set up to require signed drivers, what Windows XP is looking for is drivers that have been certified by WHQL.  We do not certify our drivers for Windows XP.  There wasn't a lot of demand to do so back when XP was fairly new, and at this point XP is end-of-life, so we never will.  We're focused more on Win7/Win8/Server2012 and beyond at this point.


Windows Vista and later will accept something called an "Authenticode signature", which verifies the driver hasn't been tampered with since it was signed by the vendor.  We do sign our drivers with an Authenticode signature which is why newer operating systems do not complain.  But there's nothing you can do about XP other than change group policy to not require the signature, or upgrade to Windows 7. 

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