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I have a customer with 33 Zebra Z4M printers.

They have them installed on a Windows 2003 server. I need to migrate them to a 2008 64-bit server.

The most consistent way I've found to migrate printers from 2003 32-bit to 2008 64-bit is to create one printer on the 2008 server with that same driver name. Then when running the export/import utility in Print Management, those printers will install with the 64-bit driver... as long as the name is the same.


With the Seagull 7.3.5 driver (7.3.3 works the same way), I go to install the printer but during the install in Print Management, it pops up this message...


(I tried to embed images from flickr but got an error that this site won't allow it)


Interactive services dialog detection

A program can't display a message on your desktop

The program may need information or permission to complete a task.


Options to select:

Show me the message

Remind me in a few minutes.


I choose "Show me the message"


and a dialog box says


"The printer driver is not configured properly to allow client connections.

You may either try again to connect, or disable network features, blah blah blah..."



Options are:





If I hit Retry, it seems to install correctly, but for some odd reason it disconnects my Remote Desktop session. When I reconnect, I see the successful install message.


I could live with it if it were one printer but this happens for every Zebra Z4M printer during the import.


Any way around this? Is there a security setting in the 2008 server causing this?



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Domingo Rodriguez
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Perhaps you should be looking instead to perform a silent install of the printer drivers on the new server using our "DriverWizard.exe" tool. Find the instructions below:


DriverWizard Command
Line Documentation



Example Usage


DriverWizard.exe install /name:"Printer Name" /model:"Driver Name" /default /share:"Share Name" /port:"LPT1"
DriverWizard.exe install /autodetect


Command Parameters





name of the printer.  (This is the "friendly" name shown in
the Printers Folder.)


name of the driver.


will set the printer as the default printer.


will set the printer as a shared printer with the specified name.


port the printer is connected to.


will look for any PnP printers that were recently connected and install the



Example Usage


DriverWizard.exe remove /printer:"Name of Printer"
DriverWizard.exe remove /driver:"Name of Driver"
DriverWizard.exe remove /all /driver
DriverWizard.exe remove /all /driver:"Name of Printer Manufacturer"
DriverWizard.exe remove /monitor:"Name of Monitor"
DriverWizard.exe remove /file:"Name of File"


Command Parameters





a printer.  This is the "friendly" name displayed in the
Printers Folder.


a printer driver.  (The driver will only be removed if there are no
printers using the driver.)


a language monitor or port monitor.


a file.  The full path name must be specified.


The /all option


Only works with /driver.
It will remove all drivers and associated printer and file from the system.
Specifying a Printer Manufacturer will remove all printers and drivers of that manufacturer only.


Batch Commands


Example Usage


DriverWizard.exe @C:\commands.txt

DriverWizard will execute the specified command file.  A command file is a text file containing commands defined above.

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