Zebra Zt400 Series Folgen




I have just download the latest driver pack for Zebra but the printer i require isn't listed.


Could you please advise when this will be available?


Driver required = ZEBRA ZT420 203dpi


Kind Regards

John Wade

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Ian Cummings
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The Zebra ZT400 series driver will be in the next driver release.  Unfortunately, the next driver release (v7.3.6) will still be a while yet.


However, the Zebra ZT400 series driver has already been completed and passed through Q.A. and therefore is available as an "early access" driver at the below link before we make the official release.




Note that an early access driver differs from a beta driver in that development on it has been completed, and that it's been passed by our quality assurance department.  It will remain the same come time of the official release, but it's just waiting for that official release to come around.

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