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Central Librarian Access


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    Shotaro Ito

    You need to activate BarTender clients as Enterprise Automation Edition License, as Trial edition cannot connect to remote system database.

    On SQL database server install B,
    You need to setup a System Database on a SQL Server, using Tools > System Database Setup.
    at install, enable access from remote computer. You can enable remote access later - [url="http://seagullscientific.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/257-changing-database-permissions/page__p__613__hl__%2Bsystem+%2Bdatabase+%2Bremote__fromsearch__1#entry613"]see this post[/url].

    On each BarTender client, connect to the remote SQL server by Tools > System Database Setup.
    Librarian uses connection defined by System database setup.

    You can limit user's access to certain tools such as system database setup, from Security Center.

    Hope that helps.

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