Server Lag When Opening Librarian Files Through Bartender Folgen

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We are using Bartender 10.1 enterprise automation. We have locations across the US and those satalite offices are having issues when trying to open a file in librarian through Bartender. There is a folder tree but each folder only has a few items in it. When people try to access there folder it can take upwards to 5 to 10 minutes for a file to open. We checked our network connections and ran traces and did not see a network issue. Is there a way or setting in librarian that would be like a Cache Mode, or any other setting I can check to correct this?

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Ian Cummings
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At the moment your best bet is to replicate the System Database at each of the local levels and sync them.  It's possible to do this for just those items like Librarian files, and not the logged print job information.  Tech-support have details on how to do this so I suggest you get in touch with them:


We are looking into ways of improving this for future releases.

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