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How can i get printers name through .net coding that i registered at bartender.
I want printer name dynamically and want to display it in dropdownlist

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Ian Cummings
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If you check the BarTender Help system under the Seagull.BarTender.Print namespace reference of the .NET component you'll see a Printer() class. Looking at the members of this class you'll see many properties such as print name, model etc of the currently selected printer for the currently loaded label format.
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I want all printer names that i registered on SLS and want to display in dropdownlist
Printers class get only printers that are installed on local machine.
Ian Cummings
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From the BarTender Help system.

When the Printers collection is instantiated, a list of available printers is added to the collection. The following example demonstrates how to enumerate a list of Printer objects, and use the default Printer.

Public Sub Demo()
' Initialize a new BarTender print engine.
Using btEngine As New Engine()
' Start the BarTender print engine.

' Get list of printers.
Dim btPrintersList As New Printers()

' Get the default printer.
Dim btPrinter As Printer = btPrintersList.Default

' Display the default printer information.
Console.WriteLine("Default Printer information:")
Console.WriteLine("Printer Name = " & btPrinter.PrinterName)
Console.WriteLine("Printer Model = " & btPrinter.PrinterModel)
Console.WriteLine("Printer Port = " & btPrinter.Port)
Console.WriteLine("Default Printer = " & btPrinter.IsDefault)

' Display information for all other printers.
Console.WriteLine("Other Printer information:")
For Each p As Printer In btPrintersList
If (Not p.Equals(btPrintersList.Default)) Then
Console.WriteLine("Printer Name = " & p.PrinterName)
Console.WriteLine("Printer Model = " & p.PrinterModel)
Console.WriteLine("Printer Port = " & p.Port)
Console.WriteLine("Default Printer = " & p.IsDefault)
End If
Next p

' Stop the BarTender print engine.
End Using
End Sub

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