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Hey guys, we have a server that is running 10.0, it is working ok but we noticed that it seems kind of slow, when checking the History explorer we noticed that for every BTXML script we execute it sends an authorization request for every print job to the SLS, this seems to be slowing down how quickly the labels are printed. Is this how it is supposed to work? is there a way to have it check against the SLS less frequently?
Thanks in advance.

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Ian Cummings
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Make sure that BarTender v10.0 SR1 is installed as we made various performance improvements with this release. You can download it at the below link:

Yes BarTender with connect with License Server in order to maintain printer licensing, but this will not be interfering with the speed of the print job. Factors that are more important are: what is being requested in the BTXML and problems with connecting to server/client network printer drivers that might be in use.

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