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I am trying to migrate my department to Windows Server 2012 and when I tried to install SLS 9.4 SR3 it installs with no error message but I cannot make it run. Is SLS 9.4 supported on WinServ 2012?

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Ian Cummings
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Strictly speaking Windows 8 and Server 2012 support starts from BarTender v10.0 SR2 onwards. However, you might be able to get slightly older software to work by doing the following.

- Install .NET 3.5 SP2 manually instead of letting the installer install it.

- Now install BarTender and/or License Server

- When setting up the system database, do not install the bundled SQL Server Express 2005. This version is not compatible with Windows 8. Instead, download and install SQL Server Express 2010 R2, and use that for the system database.

If you still have problems then your only solution is to upgrade.

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