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One of our sites usses Bartender V9.3 SR1 from a citrix published application.  The site has a 3 printer Enterprise Automation licence.  Despite our attempts to prevent citrix mapping the client printers, the client printers are being mapped.  Despite our best efforts to educate our users to not use the mapped printers, the users use the mapped printers.


Aha you say, the mapped printers will drop off the list after 7 days. Please refer to BartenderLicenceDenied.jpg attached.  When the printers are added to the list, the Keep checkbox at the left is already ticked.  30 days later having blown the conditions of the grace period print requests are being denied.  I then need to open the Licence Server, remove the check from the citrix mapped printers, close and reopen the licence server app and all is right with the users (as per BartenderLicenceAllowed.jpg attached).


What we want is for the real printer to be kept as licenced and the citrix mapped printers to drop off the list.  How should I configure the Licence Server application so that citrix mapped printers are added to the list without the keep checkbox checked?

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Domingo Rodriguez
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The keepbox keeping checked seems to be some kind of lack of permissions on the Windows registry or Windows folder. For start, please upgrade BT v9.3 to its latest service release and let me know if the same problem still exists with the "Keep" box getting enabled:


In newer versions of BarTender, we've get rid of this known Terminal Services / Citrix problem where for the same printer you will get different port names (as virtual port numbers are being used for each session you open). In our latest version of BarTender (we're currently at version 10.1), you won't see duplicate entries for those redirected printers. Please check the below White Paper:

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