Pls,suggest How To Find Correct Liense Folgen

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We are small manufacturing in Group 
      that must print   many Label Type   for many Customer.
- 1-2 Thermal Printer. (use Printer = TSC)
- contact Thai Vendor to coding VB for Print.
Q1: Can you suggest   Thailand Sale ? (easy to talk)
We design to use S/W:Batender for    like this style
            [a. Manual Design Layout & Print  it]
            b. save design then     Send this label file & Sample Data in MS Access to    Vendor ,who code VB for me
            c. Vendor ,who code VB for me,  ---just--- install Bartender Trial License (no cost for Vendor)
                         Coding (read data from Access), little Adjust, Test
                         Then send    Final Design & Vb Program (.exe)    back to   Me
            d. I received then    use that VB & Layout    & my Data     to print it in my company
Q2: What version and License is   best fit for Me?
       Is version for is   "Print-Only Automation"  or not ?
Q3: form that style      Can this working style work complete ?
      Vendor ,who code VB for me, told me that   
             at (c.) by Trial Version - Vendor can change ex.  Barcode Size for fit in Area, add  Variable Name in Design or not ?
- some person suggest to purchase ver = Enterprise 
   -  No price list in internet (can not compare)
   -  feel    high Cost  for  that (small-scope.) 
          If not good choice,   we will stop use VB or find the others
I try to contact :,   but waiting for answer...
Sorry, my english is no good.  (take long time to translate language and reply back)

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Ian Cummings
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I suggest you try getting in touch with the Asian office again.  They are very diligent so they will answer your requests eventually, if they have not already done so.


For any form of programmatic control of BarTender (for example using VBA via Microsoft Access) you will require at least the Automation edition.  The cost of such a license for three printers is more cost effective than two Professional licenses for two computers, but with the added benefit of the licensing allowing you to install and use BarTender on as many computers as you wish.

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