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Good afternoon just to license BarTender Automation 3 Printer I have the following problem

I performed the installation of BarTender in windows server 2008 R2, this server is installed seagull license server and here is on software activation, which means that if entry bartender installed on this server runs without displaying the activation message or probation.

This server is accessible from all computers on the network, this server is also domain server.

I have several clients that need to connect to the seagull license server to activate my license is already installed on the server, the guests still have Windows 7 operating system and windows xp sp3.

I install the software locally on each client I need to connect to the seagull license server in the server when I run the bartender on the  menu is the option to manage license manager, but when I run the client computers bartender this option does not appear, so my questions are:

1. Necessary to activate the local bartender version on each computer.
2. As I can make local activation on each computer if my license has only one activation key, and this is already enabled on the server.
3. Supposed to according to the documentation for each license seagull only do max 3 activations.
4. Achieved when all my clients can connect to srevidor bartender license and is fully functional in me as a customer can choose the printers that will work with this license, as the TSC brand printers are connected
and locally
client computers.

Thank you for your prompt cooperation

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Sistebar,

Basically, you're right.


In Automation / Enterprise Automation license,

You have to activate one Seagull License Server(SLS) and each BarTender client using the same Product Key Code (PKC).

(do not install SLS on other clients - deselect License Server at install.)

Activating SLS have limitation of max 3 time of transfer after 1st activation, however activating BarTender client has no limitation.

After activating BarTender client, you will have [Licencing Setup] option in [Administer] menu in BarTender, to specify IP address / hostname of the License Server.


All BarTender clients (including the one in the same server as SLS) connect to License Server by network (UDP) to report printers.

SLS counts number of printers used and allow BarTender clients to print within number of licensed printers.


BarTender can print to any Windows printer and driver doesn't have to be made by Seagull
(although BarTender would have maximum performance and flexibility with Driver by Seagull).


In Basic / Professional License, activation (transfer) limit is applied to BarTender's activation. (No SLS for these editions.)


For more detail, please refer to BarTender Software Activation white paper.

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Thank you very much  Shotaro Ito  , I will follow your recommendation and make the correspodnientes tests.

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