Installing Sls And Client On Same Pc Have To Use Tcpport? Folgen

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I recently inherited support for a small but unknown # of Bartender SLS servers with 3 licenses.

Not sure how many, but one SLS is not using default 5161 port, so I assume that means there maybe others.


So question is: I have a User/ Bartender Owner with a 3 licenses that I was thinking

of installing both SLS and client on her PC, for now. Using another 516X port.


I believe the client does not use local printer ports because of UDP communication requirements, Right?
So how do I configure local printer setup to talk to SLS on the same PC. TCP/IP ports?

I searched for this topic and could not find it....


Thanks for any help

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Levi Hargrove
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Hi there,


I think you may be over-complicating this a little.


  1. Install License Server
  2. Start the License Server
  3. The License Server will by default try to start on UDP port 5160. You can change which port number it operates on in Tools->General options->Network tab
  4. You do not need to add printers to the License Server
  5. Add your printer to Windows, just like any other printer installation from BarTender
  6. Once your printer is installed into Windows, open BarTender and open your label (or create one if need be)
  7. Go to File->Print, select your printer from the drop down menu
  8. Print
  9. Look at the License Server, you will now see the printer added to the list

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