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I need to change the look of our labels in according to the need.
For this I want to make 2 designs of the labels each in a group one laying above the other.
I have a connect to our database where I get the information which layout I would need.
Is it possible to fade out the not needed group and to show the needed one?
Is there a possibility to make such a rule?

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Gene Henson
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BarTender version 9.3 and above offers Visual Basic scripting capability that allows you to programmatically turn object visibility on and off during your print jobs based on predefined criteria. To access this format level scripting area go to [b]File [/b]> [b]Label Format Options[/b]. Click on the [b]VB Scripting[/b] tab, then click [b]Use VB Scripting[/b].

Here is a very simple script example:
If Field("MyDataBaseFile.Field 1") = "Label 1" Then
Format.Objects("Bar Code 1").PrintVisibility = True
Format.Objects("Bar Code 2").PrintVisibility = False
Format.Objects("Bar Code 1").PrintVisibility = False
Format.Objects("Bar Code 2").PrintVisibility = True
End If

In the above example BarTender reads a field from "MyDataBaseFile" and based on the value in that field it turns the visibility of two different barcodes on or off. Many object properties are exposed to this type of VB Script manipulation including object position, size, font name, and more.

You can find much more information on this topic in BarTender's help system under the [b]Visual Basic Scripting[/b] topic. The [b]Scripting Objects[/b] section deals specifically with modifying object properties.
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I'm looking for a similar thing. I want to turn on/off individual objects as they print. For instance, 2 labels that have one set of numbers, 2 labels that have another set, then a final label that combines the numbers. The PrintVisibility is exactly what I'm looking for. What field do I look to to find out which Label Number I'm on? Serialized Numbers looks promising, but my lack of VB knowledge kicks in.

Object1 prints on Labels 1 & 2
Object2 prints on Labels 3 & 4
Object3 prints on Label 5

If Field("Which Field tells me which Number Label I'm currently on?") = "Label 1" Then
Format.Objects("Object1").PrintVisibility = True
Format.Objects("Object2").PrintVisibility = False

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