Serialization On Field In Bartender While Running From Commader Folgen

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Hi All,


I have a text file mapped to bartender label, but we automated it using commander. in Label there is one field named as serial number, i did sequential increment on every record. It prints file from commander on first time, but when print again old serial number still prints the same . 


do we have any option in bartender Scripting to save the label on every record printed or every print job finished , so that it will print the next number.





file has 10 records, commander takes the file and print from 1......10 and job complets.

after 10 minutes if we get next file of 5 records. it should print 11...15 but it is printing again with 1....5. 





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Ian Cummings
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To save the BarTender document in a Commander script on a per print job basis, include /S in the script command line.

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