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I have 2 questions


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I have a 4x6 label on which I will be displaying 24 labels (Shown in the attachment B1....B24). The plan is to have 2 columns and show 12 barcodes in each side.

As seen in the attachment the barcodes are not aligned to the left even though I have set the left alignment for these barcode.

Please let me know what do I need to do to left align the barcode irrespective of the number of digits in the serial number.



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Where can I find the details about all the features of the barcode. Mainly I am interested in understanding role of density and type feature of barcode.

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Ian Cummings
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Question 1:

Open the properties of each barcode, select the "Position" node, and set the "Object Reference Point" for each barcode to be top left.  Then left align your barcodes to make them look neat.


Question 2:

The BarTender Help system is a good place to start.  Go to the, "Creating and modifying template objects>Types of objects>Barcodes>Barcode symbologies and standards" section and then read the "Understanding barcode symbologies" and "Table of symbologies" topics.  With regards to the barcode's X-dimension I suggest you read this article:

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