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I am hoping someone can help with this one. I have a Customer that is asking for a different date code than the standard it is as follows.

First Problem


(M = Month of the Year in letter)
(D = Day of the month in number format)

without any separation.

Second Problem they want the Month as follows.

January = A
February = B
March = C

Example: J03 = 3rd of October

Apart from doing this letter manually is there anyway of setting this up to change automatically.


Darren Prior

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You could use VB script

Shotaro Ito
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Alternatively - 

In BarTender 10.0 or later you have "Search and Replace" transform. In there you can have several actions such as 10 to J.

Unfortunately that only apply to Text data type, so you need to change Clock data type to text data type.


so create a date text (you can place off-label or set to not print) and another text (for Mdd).

on the Mdd text, create 2 data sources - for month and date. both data source are object value of the date text.

for date, you can simply derived from truncation transform.

for month, first you get "MM" part from truncation, then in Search and replace transform, apply actions.

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