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I wrote an Excel VBA macro which asks the users a set of 3 questions.  Once those questions have been answered, the macro generates an .xls file to a shared drive.  I expect that this shared drive will have multiple files, all structured in the same manner.


 Is it possible for the user to select which particular excel file they wish to use at print time?  I have learned how to set up database connections, but it seems the idea is to hardcode a single database file and select all the records or a subset of them.  My desire is to have the user select their particular Excel file at runtime.







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Ian Cummings
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Here is an alternate suggestion.  Modify your VBS to generate a CSV file instead and make use of the Commander middleware application to monitor for the creation of these files in a nominated folder, and when detected to automatically produce a print job using the record contents of the file.  See the below white paper about Commander for more details:

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