Displaying Group Separators In Data Source Field Folgen

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I need to display actual header, group separators and trailer characters in a 2D barcode and just cant get is correct.  Can someone let me know what I need to adjust?  The current code below gets me the correct output, but client wants to see the actual separator letters in the 2D code.  Using Bartender 10.0 SR1


My code: [)><<RS>>06<<GS>>P1165-1018-ND<<GS>>1P485LDRC9<<GS>>Q1<<GS>>10D1537<<GS>>1T0274105006<<GS>>4LUS<<RS>><<EOT>>



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Ian Cummings
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Are you saying that they wish to see the literal representation of the <<RS>>, <<GS>>, and <<EOT>> control codes in the barcode rather than use actual control code values?  This would render the barcode as invalid?  Perhaps you mean a repesentation in the human readable?

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