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I need to print in BarTender labels with QR code which will contain some informations.


Form should look like this: ABCxxxxDEF


ABC & DEF - are constans characters which will not be changed during printing

xxxx -is serial number which should increment (0001 to 9999).


Could anyone help me to find the easiest solution? cause regular incrementing affect on whole charakcters, and i need some kind of variable which will affect only on serial number while printing.


thanks !



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Shotaro Ito
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You can have several data sources into a QR code. Double click to open the QR code, left tree, right click Data sources and add a new data source.

such as


data source 1: ABC

data source 2: 0001 (apply Transform > Serialization)

data source 3: DEF

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how i can make a new PDF417 code with data i have mobile phone IMEI 
i want minimum 20 IMEI in one PDF417 Code but i dont know how to put data and how to generate new code 
anybody can help me or send me PDF417 Code Symbol 
I am Using barcode 10 with license 

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